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What are the details? 

  • This is an eight week, 1.5  hours each week, in person group. We will meet at 419 S. Sharon Amity Road, Suite D. Please be aware that access to the suite is via a set of stairs.

  • The work you do will be unique to YOU. This is not a “program” or one size fits all approach. 

  • Each week will include engaging conversation, creative activities, education and personal reflection. 

  • Group will meet on Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm

  • Group members will be women aged 25 or older. 

  • All group members must show proof of vaccination to participate and wear a mask during group.    

  • Total cost is $365.

What exactly will happen in the group? 

  • Explore your personal values and honor your unique way of being in the world. 

  • Develop a personal plan to build on your strengths and become your best self.  

  • We will explore the role of anxiety, the good, the bad and the ugly and figure out what to do about it. 

  • Learn how to manage the many messages our mind generates, dial down the noise and respond to what matters.

What if COVID-19 changes things again? 

  • We will do our best to meet in person however if it becomes unsafe to do so, we will move to an on-line platform to complete the group. 


What’s it like being in a group?  

  • Participation works best when you commit to showing up, being on time and doing the work in and out of group. Groups are a dynamic way to share with others, get and offer support and create a plan for moving forward in your life. 

  • Everyone will have the chance to talk with one of the facilitators prior to the first meeting to ask questions and get a feel for the process. This will not be a hard sell situation, just a conversation to give you more info. Once you opt in, there will be additional paperwork to complete before the first meeting. 

  • Groups will be no more than 8 participants and there will be two facilitators at each meeting. 


What is a LCMHC? 

  • A Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor is a Master’s Level Counselor credentialed with the state licensing board. You can read about Hallie and Lorree in the “About” tab on their websites or read their profiles on Psychology Today.


A little about why this group was created-

Lorree and Hallie both work with individuals struggling with anxiety and barriers to personal satisfaction. This is something that we see across many stages of life and while the individual struggles might be different, the inner drive to move toward personal fulfillment is very much the same. We also know the healing power of groups working together on common goals, sharing common challenges and holding each other accountable for personal change. The pandemic impacted us both personally and professionally and as we struggled to find our way through 2020 and beyond, it became obvious that having a supportive tribe was crucial to growth and well being. 

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